Dozens Dead from Ingesting Gift-Laden Mooncakes


BEIJING — In what could be the deadliest Mid-Autumn Festival in decades, 38 officials were found dead over the weekend after ingesting mooncakes stuffed with gifts intended to curry favor.


I’m So Ashamed of My Son

Jackie Chan

By Jackie Chan

It’s a terrible thing for a father to publicly chide his firstborn, the apple of his eye. But, given recent revelations about my son Jaycee, I simply can’t remain silent. So I’m just going to say it.

Jaycee, your terrible acting and singing has sullied the good name of Chan.


Law to Require Celebrities to Try Products Before Endorsing Them

A updated draft of China’s advertisement law requires celebrity spokespeople for products to try said products before endorsing them. Here are the feelings of the Chinese people.


Chinese Version of Ice Road Truckers Features Heavy Use of Methamphetamine

Binglu Qianxing

BEIJING — The highly anticipated Chinese adaptation of Ice Road Truckers premiered last night on CCTV-10, but die-hard fans will find that it strays from the American version to better reflect the dangers that Chinese truckers face, including deadly switchbacks, harsh Dongbei winters and the heavy use of methamphetamine.

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