Guo Meimei Arrested for Gambling on World Cup

Three years after causing a crisis of confidence in the Red Cross Society of China, Internet celebrity Guo Meimei has been arrested for illegal gambling after she posted about…


Minister of Education Strongly Advises Daughter to Study Abroad

Minister of Education Zhou Deyang

BEIJING — On Monday, China’s Minister of Education Zhou Deyang strongly advised his daughter to study abroad after learning that she was intent on attending a Chinese college, sources say.


4G Coverage Now Available Everywhere Except Where You Are


BEIJING — In line with regulations issued last year by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s 4G mobile network was expanded this week to cover the entirety of China except the area surrounding you, according to a press release issued this morning.


Foreigner Caught Trying to Smuggle Birds Out of China

A foreigner was detained in Guangzhou’s international airport after attempting to smuggle two birds out of China in his pants. The man claimed he was trying to save them from the city’s smog. Here are the feelings of the Chinese people.

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