Mistress in Chongqing Sex Tape Gets Own Reality Show

Not actual mistress

CHANGSHA — Hunan Television announced today that it’s in the process of producing a new reality TV show along the lines of Punk’d, starring Zhao Hongxia, the mistress at the center of the Lei Zhengfu sex tape scandal.

Zhao, who slept with the bulbous Lei and videotaped their tryst, which was eventually leaked and got Lei dismissed, says she only partly did it because a real estate developer asked her to for blackmailing purposes. Another reason, she says, was for the pursuit of justice.

“Five years ago, when the tape was made, I was frustrated with the endemic corruption in the Chinese system, but, like many Chinese, I didn’t know what to do about it,” Zhao said in an interview. “So when the property developer came to me with an offer to expose corruption by exposing myself, I said of course.”

When the sex tape was released last week, the scandal caught the eye of millions of Chinese, but none more so than Hunan television producer Cao Zhiming.

“I immediately sensed a chance to create yet another sensational Hunan TV reality show, but, more importantly, to fight corruption.”

Cao flew Zhao to Hunan TV headquarters in Changsha and the two immediately bonded over their passion for cleaning up the Chinese political system, one secretly recorded bang session at a time.

Cao describes the show as “Punk’d meets Debbie Does Chongqing.”

It was during this meeting that the idea for Fuck’d came about. Cao describes the show as “Punk’d meets Debbie Does Chongqing.”

In each episode, Zhao, pretending to be some easy lay, will lure three unsuspecting officials to a hotel room fitted with hidden cameras. After having sex with them, she will point out all the hidden cameras, at which point Ashton Kutcher will appear and humiliate the officials further.

Though many have criticized Hunan TV for green lighting the show and debasing the already low quality of Chinese programming, Cao maintained that the show “is completely consistent with the exploitative dross we put out on a daily basis.”

Zhao was equally enthusiastic about the new show. “Five years ago, I never dreamed that I could fight government corruption on such a large scale. Today that dream has come true, no pun intended.”

When asked how long he thought such a program could last, Cao replied, “Let’s see, three officials an episode, 24 episodes a season…” He paused and did a calculation in his head. “Shit, she might be doing this for the rest of her life.”

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