Proposed Reforms to China’s Reeducation Through Labor System

Reeducation Through Labor

The Chinese government has vowed to reform the reeducation through labor system this year. The following are ideas proposed in an internal memo:

1. Demographics are skewed. Inmates are mostly males. We should focus on recruiting more females, children and elderly.

2. To cut costs, prisoners should no longer be provided paper and pencil to write letters to their families. This will also eliminate the need to hire people to intercept said letters. Win-win.

3. Is the system uneven? Right now it feels like too education-heavy.

4. Still too many prisoners are committing suicide out of loneliness. Should construct bigger cells to accommodate their loved ones and family.

5. Is reeducating prisoners to like the original Footloose over the remake really the best use of our time?

6. Investigate possible partnership with Foxconn. Maybe we can help them cut costs? Sensing lots of synergy there.

7. People are still allowed to leave system. Is this a feature or a bug?

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