Meet the Men and Women Behind the New York Times Hack

Miniharm applauds the brave men and women of the Ministry of State Security who risk their lives day in and day out to conduct espionage against China’s enemies.

Code-named “Steal Team 6,” the group that hacked the The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Twitter this week are an elite black ops unit which operates within the ministry. But who are these men and women of mystery? Miniharm found out.

Yang "Pretty Boy" Haitian

Real name: Yang “Pretty Boy” Haitian*
Specialty: Cracking and cryptopgraphy
Focus: The New York TimesThe Washington Post, Mists of Pandaria
Fun fact: In order to infiltrate the The New York Times, Yang wrote a series of fake articles under the handle “Jayson Blair.”

Wu "Chin]{Mast@" Xijun

Real name: Wu “Chin]{Mast@” Xijun
Specialty: Tradecraft; making attacks seem like they don’t originate in China by copy-pasting Google-translated Japanese when detected
Focus: Gmail, Twitter, ex-girlfriend’s Facebook
Favorite hacker: Hugh Jackman in Swordfish

Zhao "Strikes" Sanying

Real name: Zhao “Strikes” Sanying
Specialty: Traceroutes and packet sniffing
Focus: Chinese dissidents, the Dalai Lama, Taiwanese people
Fun fact: Is the person responsible for leaking the Edison Chen photos in 2008.

hacker6Wang "The Silhouette" Hao

Real name: Wang “The Silhouette” Hao
Specialty: Viruses, worms and Trojan horses
Focus: The Huffington Post, HighlightsTeen Ink
Fun fact: Has never been seen in direct sunlight.

Huang "Gramz" Limei

Real name: Huang “Gramz” Limei
Specialty: Disarming international investigators with “caring Chinese grandma” routine
Focus: The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times
Quote: “I don’t know anything about a botnet. Aren’t you cold? Come, sit down and have some tea.”

Real name: Xi "Zero Cool" Jinping

Real name: Xi “Zero Cool” Jinping
Specialty: Spoofing and phishing; master of disguise
Focus: Foreign governments, ASEAN
Fun fact: Got into hacking after watching Hackers in high school.

* – The names and pictures used in this article may or may not be accurate.

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