Xi Jinping Delivers Two-Hour Speech Consisting Entirely of the Word “China”

Xi Jinping

BEIJING — After returning from his tour of Southeast Asia, President Xi Jinping used his first official engagement at the Great Hall of the People to deliver a rousing speech consisting entirely of the word “China.”

Sources close to Xi say that he penned the 8,324-word speech himself and that it touched upon key issues like cyber security and the need for economic reform.

“China,” he said at one point during the two-hour speech, eliciting rapturous applause from the audience.

“China, China, China!” he continued as the applause mounted.

Xi spoke almost continuously, pausing only once for water. His speech concluded at 3:25 pm, when he repeated the word “China” non-stop for three minutes without drawing breath, an act which earned a five-minute standing ovation.

Party mouthpiece People’s Daily simply ran the word “China” in size 72 font on every one of its 78 pages.

This morning, state media ran full front-page editorials quoting Xi’s speech in full, accompanied by analysis and commentary from China’s top political scholars. Party mouthpiece People’s Daily simply ran the word “China” in size 72 font on every one of its 78 pages.

Pundits are already calling the speech Xi’s most revealing discourse on his personal political views to date. In an interview with CCTV, Socialist Theoretics and Oppression expert Lu Lin said that Xi’s speech showed both a firm commitment to China’s future and a solid grasp of the challenges the country faces.

“Some have implied that Chairman Xi’s speech is just hot air,” Lu said. “But, as Xi said himself, ‘China, China, China, China.'”

“China, China, China,” he added.

Xi’s speech forms part of his “China” campaign, launched last month, which saw the word “China” emblazoned on public buildings, billboards and advertising on public transportation. A new 11-verse, government-backed pop song entitled “China!” has also been released, with domestic radio stations commanded to play it once an hour, every hour, until informed otherwise.

The president also established overseas interest in the campaign by pinning Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to a wall during a state function in Jakarta and screaming “CHINA!” into his face for 18 seconds until security dragged him away.

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