What’s So Bad About Working with the Nazis?

Matthew Winklerby Matthew Winkler

Matthew Winkler is the editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News.

I’d like to take a few minutes to respond to the recent New York Times article which suggests I spiked stories critical of the Chinese government in order to protect the business interests of Bloomberg News and our parent company, Bloomberg L.P.

This accusation is completely unfounded. I would never tarnish my journalistic integrity just to sell a couple of computer terminals.

The piece goes on to allege that I shelved two stories: one about financial ties between a Chinese billionaire and high-ranking members of the Chinese government, and another about how children of Chinese leaders had secured jobs at foreign banks.

This, again, is unequivocally false. The stories have not been quashed—we are merely in the process of framing them in a different light.

Instead of harping on the cycle of corruption that exists between business and politics, we want to highlight the synergy between China’s economic and political systems. Similarly, I felt the princelings article ignored many of the positive aspects of nepotism.

The Times article also mentions how I studied the history of foreign news agencies in Nazi Germany to see if I could apply their lessons to Bloomberg’s work in contemporary China. This information was taken completely out of context.

History will remember me as the Neville Chamberlain of journalism.

Had the writer been in the room, he would have seen me engaging the gathered reporters in a Socratic discussion about whether or not we should acquiesce to an oppressive but financially influential regime. Some wise guy brought up the Nationalist Socialist Party and soon I found myself asking, rhetorically of course, “What’s so bad about working with the Nazis?”

But I make no apologies for trying to keep my reporters on the ground.

In a time when foreign journalists and Chinese dissidents are being silenced, it’s more important than ever to keep our offices open so we can report on how foreign journalists and Chinese dissidents are being silenced.

My decision to appease a villainous regime might be unpopular now, but time is the great vindicator. I am confident history will remember me as the Neville Chamberlain of journalism.

That said, I am excited to announce Bloomberg News has just signed a content-sharing deal with Global Times to bring you the latest in state-sponsored propaganda. We are also looking into partnership opportunities with two premier Chinese news sources: Xinhua and People’s Daily.

Rest assured, the future is bright.

Now, can I interest anyone in a Bloomberg terminal?

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