Emergency Propaganda Airlifted to Earthquake-Stricken Yunnan

Ludian Earthquake

KUNMING — While most earthquake-stricken areas in Yunnan have received ample medical supplies, food and clean water, Chinese authorities announced yesterday that large swaths of the disaster zone are still completely without propaganda lauding the Communist Party for its efforts to combat the disaster.

“Though most people affected by this disaster are now housed and fed, almost one third remain dangerously ignorant of their need to thank the Communist Party, the People’s Liberation Army and the People’s Government for not leaving them to freeze in the remnants of their ruined homes,” an editorial in the People’s Daily commented this morning.

In response to demands from regional administrators for aid, bulk shipments of red banners emblazoned with Party slogans and crates filled with Xinhua News Agency-approved leaflets attributing the success of rescue efforts to General Secretary Xi Jinping were immediately airlifted to the province.

“The necessities of life—food, shelter and carefully-constructed paeans to China’s political overlords—are available to those in need.”

Boxes of medical equipment, non-perishable foodstuffs and blankets were cleared off military transport aircraft to ensure that the maximum volume of propaganda reaches the disaster area.

PLA spokesman Ma Changjiang told reporters that it was important in times of crisis to guarantee that “the necessities of life—food, shelter and carefully-constructed paeans to China’s political overlords—are available to those in need.”

Speaking of a “crisis of enlightenment” among Yunnan’s population, Ma warned that, unless the government stepped up its efforts, up to 20 percent of those affected by the disaster might remain un-indoctrinated indefinitely. Some, he warned, could even begin to raise questions about the shoddy construction and lack of basic infrastructure in remote areas.

“Unless we take steps to remedy the situation,” the People’s Daily editorial warned, “the citizens of Yunnan might easily assume it was the bravery of rescue workers and their own determination to come together as a community that saved them from peril.”

“A sizable percentage of the population might fail to entirely credit their good fortune to a faceless political construct, instead taking comfort in unique acts of self-sacrifice and solidarity with their fellow man.”

“Such sentiments are utterly incompatible with Socialism,” it concluded.

At press time, despite improving conditions for survivors, Yunnan at large is still facing a severe shortage of gratitude toward the Communist Party.

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