Beijingers Heading to Fancy Dress Party Mistaken for CPPCC Delegates

Monday, March 4, 2013
Beijingers Heading to Fancy Dress Party Mistaken for NPPCC Delegates

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POLL: 100% of National Congress Delegates Have Never Held a Hammer or Sickle

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Flag of the Communist Party of China

Of many surveys taken during the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, one that asked delegates about their feelings on the Party’s official logo—the hammer and sickle—has aroused particular controversy.

Out of the 888 delegates polled, 100% revealed that they have neither held a hammer nor a sickle at any point in their lives. Furthermore, 62% chose the response “not sure” when asked to give a context in which either implement could be used. A startling 18% mistook the sickle for a question mark.

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Rebellious National Congress Delegate Raises Hand Slightly Less Enthusiastically than Everyone Else

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Rebellious National Congress delegate

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National Congress Delegates Can’t Wait to Return Home to U.S., Europe, Canada

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Delegates waiting to go home

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