CCTV: “Edward Law Assured Us He Was Only Into Normal Porn”

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Edward Law

BEIJING — Edward Law, a former host of BizChina on CCTV-9, was charged with two counts of possessing “extreme pornography” this week, after detectives found more than 800 pornographic videos on his laptop.

To get ahead of the growing scandal, CCTV assured viewers that their employees are only into normal porn and “not the least bit aroused” by that kinky stuff.

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Chinese Nationalist Whacking It to Japanese Porn Feels Super Guilty

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Masturbating guy

SHANGHAI — Local Chinese nationalist Ma Haiqing (pictured above) revealed last night in a weibo post that he felt “super guilty” flogging the log with Japanese porn. Ma wrote that, despite his deep-seated hatred of the Japanese nation, he was unable to shake his addiction to Japanese adult video.

“I have these horrible bouts of guilt, like two to three times a day,” Ma went on. “Every time I crank the shank to some woman being hog tied or degraded on a public bus, I feel like a traitor. If only the girls in these videos were Chinese, I wouldn’t feel so bad.”

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